Participants in grades 6 through college may spend the day working on their competition entry and/or attend one or more seminars or work on their own to learn and improve their computer science skills.  Competitors work in small groups or individually to program a project based on the theme announced at the event.  Products may include games, websites and apps. Students from all over the region are invited. 

The day includes seminars to be announced closer to the event.  There is no fee for the event. If you are unable to be present all day, you are still welcome to attend for the time that you have available. 

Schedule will be posted closer to the event. Hours are 8 am to 8 pm.



  • Game, app, website, video, etc. anything you want that relates to our theme


  • Upload your game, app, website, video, e.t.c. (or link to your final product)
  • A live presentation to demo your final product

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$220 in prizes

Top Individual Entry

Raspberry Pi Zero Kit

Top Group Entry

Target Gift Cards

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Tommy Duffy

Tommy Duffy
CYHS iTeam

Cole Earling

Cole Earling
CYHS iTeam

Elijah Alexander

Elijah Alexander
CYHS iTeam

Judging Criteria

  • Technology
    How technically impressive was the hack? Was the technical problem the team tackled difficult? Did it use a particularly clever technique or many different components? Did the technology involved make you go "Wow"?
  • Design
    Did the team put thought into the user experience? How well-designed is the interface?
  • Completion
    Does the hack work? Did the team achieve everything they wanted?
  • Learning
    Did the team stretch themselves? Did they try to learn something new? What kind of projects have they worked on before? Exploration of new project types should be rewarded.

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